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See you on the B side

B.U.R.P. sure had fun with our pandemic project, The Baltimore Underground Radio Podcast, but will be shutting it down for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your support and believing In us and hope you enjoyed learning a...

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Eze Jackson Interview

In Episode 13, Piper Greenbaum interviews rapper, singer/songwriter and activist Eze Jackson, a staple in the Baltimore Music Scene for over  15 years. As frontman of the band Soul Cannon as well as a solo artist,  he brings...

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Nikki Lerner Interview (Episode 14)

Bronson Hoover interviews Nikki Lerner, a nationally recognized artist, culture coach, author, and speaker empowering others to be “reconcilers” through music, love, and conversation.  Nikki has released 4 studio...

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Marc Cary and Tinku Bhattacharyya

Marc  Cary has been a leader in jazz for decades. As a band leader he’s  released over ten albums pushing boundaries in jazz. He’s worked with  legends like Betty Carter, Abbey Lincoln, Dizzy Gillespie, and Wynton  Marsalis....

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