Giving Back

In addition to supporting our delicious and amazing podcasts hosts, donations and sponsorships to the Baltimore Underground Radio Podcast will help us give back to the music community through partnerships with local charitable organizations assisting the creative community in Baltimore.

To suggest a partnership, please contact us.

The Baltimore Underground Radio Podcast is supported by your membership! Become a supporter on our Patreon Page (all memberships are just $5). We will be posting notices of upcoming guests, a selection of downloadable guest songs, full-length interviews and outtakes.

The Baltimore Underground Radio Podcast started as a labor of love, as a way to virtually get together with and support some of the great musical talent in Baltimore. We can’t do this alone, however, so please support our work on Patreon if you have the means. If not, no matter, you can still enjoy all of our regular episodes for free.

Nan Wray

Producer, B.U.R.P.