In Episode 2, host Pete Strobl interviews Clutch drummer Jean-Paul Gaster.

“I first became aware of Jean Paul Gaster when I watched a video of the band Clutch. Neil Fallon had contacted me about doing some vocal work and my first move was to watch him sing to see what I might have in store. About halfway through Electric Worry, I found my focus being drawn to the drum kit. “Who is THIS guy?” I asked myself. There was a whole lot of drumming going on here and all of it was interesting as hell.

In working with singers around town, I learned that “This Guy” was called Jean Paul Gaster, or J.P. and that he was sitting behind the kit on a host of very diverse recording and performance projects. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is Blues, Progressive Rock, traditional R&B, Funk—J.P. is not only at home in every genre, he makes his presence felt with authority and a feel that is unmistakably his alone

Listening to J.P. Gaster play drums is an all-you-can-eat rhythmic buffet. His signature voice keeps you getting up to fill your plate again and again. I think you’ll find that listening to J.P. talk about his influences, his goals and his musical choices will be every bit as rewarding as seeing him with Clutch as well as his many side projects. Tune in as J.P. and I explore his musical roots, how he chooses drums and what goes through his mind in the studio and on the concert stage.”

—Pete Strobl

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